Wednesday, January 6, 2016

thick as a cold, cold night

Oh winter, ice-sharp throated traveler wrapped in
paper stories of pioneers and mariners, tucked tightly under
the felt arm of a northern wolf with antlers of borealis and thunder
snow.  Ruby cloaked migration to warmer climes
tricked by the paltry and
powerful forecast of this late winter's fog. Pace measured by
teaspoons of brilliant amber birch, seed to branch to black
wing-feathered thing rising to frost--veiled moon
shadows hide my secret. Passage
is promised to no one--everyone. Well then, softly softly
bring me pieces of your broken apology. Softly softly, bring
me to the foot of the gnarled
tree where butterscotch owls reside, hunting small stone gods. Oh
winter! Of sails and plains--of storms; such apple-pressed
tales wait. No song sung, no dainty dance done upon the ice
of evening's come. Pass, pause ... press on to spark into a
thousand thousand blue-violet dreams
of deep-set winter wonder's
Oh Winter!

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