Wednesday, June 28, 2017

salon #1

fingers graze
echinacea tequila sure
robust elixir
sun--shade divine
turning turning spinning time
of more
sweet summer grass beaming
present leaning
to aster's bumble to morrow's edge
delight of day to pierce the thread
Oh orange cherry blossom moon!
dazzle this dream
lengthen this hour
this everlasting June
bewitched with light
spoon-flower bloom
to the edge of lonely
with dreams of autumn
knotted besotted
with dandelion's daughter
who comes to speak of winter here?
violet buttercup mouth of western wind?
olive tongues glancing dancing upon the white birch midday's thigh?
no cloud lingers against this azure blue surety
turning turning spinning shine
constellations alter
blackberry wine

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