Tuesday, October 3, 2017

holes & stars

funny the things that slip
the name of that oil that goes in the apple salad
a burner left on high with butternut soup
the appointment tomorrow
the day of the week
the name of that guy
that you are there and i am here
funny the things

should my eyes hold hostage the last rays of sun
narrowing to a channel unremarkable
i will be ok
as i have read of Arabian nights, whales and Merlin
Gondor & white horses
i have beheld the magic of a grandson

should these legs refuse to move
no problem
as i have kicked the can
played red rover, red rover
run home from
as the wind
and a
even when broken & weary
they have served me well
through rivers & fields

if my breath should fade
no problem
i have stood on a mountain
breathing pine & love & rain
i have
laughed & kissed
sighed & cursed

if i
should not remember you
Ahh , , my darling that holds no gem of unraveled truth
for you are the golden arrow to the magnetic north
my everything 

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