Wednesday, January 24, 2018

the dance of light upon snow

and nurtured to breast & bone

or not

distanced by arms that prefer the sun to the surrender
we adapt
carving initials in our plucked skin to honor the uncaged
we kneel before the altars of amber glances & storybook romances
becoming velvet

brush the nap one way--and it appears
from within
brush the nap the other--shadows deepen
whispering in feathered tongues

survival is dependent upon the surrender in direct measure
to marrow & sunlight
imprints are rendered--pressed upon skin prone
the burn of stars as they hang over fields of forgiveness & dandelions

Oh come now the waking breath!
the trembling shimmer of sighs & goodbyes
we burn for the softness
the cradle of arms forgotten

brush the nap
shake out the dust from the cage
sing a ballad to prairie & sky

rise sparrow


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