Monday, December 31, 2012


empty, restless, hungry, tired, wanting, feeling .....
... the snow that waits outside these windows awakens me to
a desire for wine ....
a bold, deep cabernet with heavy bread
a want of books, of blogs, of leather boots with high heels, flannel sheets
& clean white socks with nakedness, of lectures & knowledge, of greys & blues, of smells.
i'm fucking hungry !!
i crave visions, revelations, magic, snow, dancing, language, poetry, thoughts that explode or linger, words that bleed, words that bruise, touch that heals.
i want to eat your laughter, the sound of your sighs
to consume the dust of your soul
happy hours of your silence & your semen
medium rare steak, underwear, wind, thunder-ale drowned in music.
music, music, music ....
i'll devour your salt-honeyed skin
i am obscenely starved i am ....
of touch, movement, snow, alice's looking glass, peace, sunshine, mountain breezes,
affordable health care
edible words like cunt & fuck & snow & linger & mango
give me cigar smoke, tribal dreams and new orleans
sweet smell of honeysuckle jazz
and your smell 

your smell
one, two, three ...
madly jonesing i am.
let me chew, gulp. lick, smell once again, kiss forever
lie in your arms forever .....
to lick every warm inch of skin, to have my mouth full of your
songs, strawberries, earth, joy.
wake up !!
turn off your cell phone- pull down your underwear- get wet-
- pour your mind into my hands
hold ......