Friday, December 14, 2012


Everything is candy apple sophomoric and flat
Void of sensation and bite
Air chilled and strained of Mozart, honey & stars . . .
Pluto exposing our fire, our wise blue nakedness
I need to swing out higher than tree tops
To run alongside cars & mustangs
I need to plunge into water braced for a December night
To wear a gown of Edwardian lace : full & resplendent & tight
Carve out whatever magic-seed is meshed into my soul and roast it
With sage & lavender until my soft palate quivers with need
Tie me to the white aspen & allow the sparrow to tattoo it's name along my thigh
Fill my heart with gems of blue & azure . .
Hold it up to the moon & catch the scent of your archer self. . .
Hold it. . . just right and you will shine that sparkle
Into my marrow and
I will feel