Thursday, June 14, 2012

canis major

.... if we were to sleep
in a bed of tangled amber silk or quilted hope
i would lie my weary leg alongside your steel warmth
rooting myself to your verdant masculinity
trying hard to not be knocked senseless from the regret .
if you were to sleep next to me ....
i would wonder as your easy warrior breath
fireworks into canis major
discovery lies in the strength of your hand,
the roughness & smoothness of you .
if i were to sleep
aganst your electric-blue ....
i would wear pajama's of pre-cambrian yellow
so as to paint some dark-dream canvas of drowsy comfort
evenings' elephants romp about
as we sleep,
content to still some cosmic time-piece
of our worthy love ...
nestled   tangled   rooted
vain-less & rumpled.
sweet night

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