Monday, June 25, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I love circles, and the swirling-nautilus of connection that can happen in a blink of an eye,  a turn of a page,  over the tic-tocking of a day …. I was tagged into One Lovely Blog Award by L. Dean Pace-Frech.  L. Dean's blog is prairie-sky-wide : in subject & heart …. leading one into true love & the silly, turtles & ruby slippers. & the dust of every day .
Read it in the morning, and fill up your heart.

Now, the rules for this are to pass this honor on to 15 fellow-bloggers … and to write 7 things about myself ,,,
do they have to be actual, real things … or can i invent some stuff up ??
Almost every blogger i know is in the middle of some wee event ; some cosmic, personal shift or crisis ….. and i might be killed if i were to tap them in without first going thru some transcendent vetting thingy ,,,

so, i may add some of you word warriors at a later date … but let's get this 7 thing over  . . .

7 things … ok.

1. i write because i have to ,,,,  it's just there making my socks wet & my senses full.

2. i could exist on water with lemon, fresh bread & olive oil & escargot.  Oh, and beignets …

3. i have 3 dogs … stella, huckleberry & wylie (coyote) ….

4. i have one child …. daisy.  i love her to pieces -  to the moon & back.!!
she is so much more than i bargained for, and everything i could ever wish for ,,,,

5. i like : tattoos, johnny depp, bracken, beowulf, mr. darcy & tom robbins, the night sky, dear friends, the smell-you-get-in-the-moutains-that-fills-your-soul, i soak up stuff,  & i like coffee - rich, dark coffee

6. margaritas =  my summer drink.  on the rocks. no salt.

7. my husband ❤….  a cowboy at heart ….

8. it is a hot, wet-sticky-green, over-cast day ,,,,

Yes  . .  that is actual 8 things ,,, and maybe a wee bit more, because i tend to over-acheive on mondays.

stay tuned ….. 

1.  DiAnne Ebejer

2. Niamh Clune

of course … 

3. L. Dean Pace-Frech 


  1. Thanks for the great review of my blog!

  2. I love this Susie. I have to work out how to do it, but I am certain I will. I love your pictures and musing.