Wednesday, April 17, 2013

dante's dart

i remember quite clearly the night i took on the worlds sadness as my own
wearing pink nylon baby-doll pajamas with small appliqued blue flowers & ruching .
8 yrs old, with hair the color of cornsilk, long & pigtailed
kneeling on my bed
leaning out the open window sill
leaning and
gazing into the september nite
twinkling stars
unable to fend off the lonely despair i tasted on that end-of-summer breeze
it was as if a parade of heartache, loneliness & pain leaked under my skin leaving its burn ...
i saw an ancient, folded & forgotten mahogany woman pacing to & fro across some cracked damp floor
a solitary soldier cold & wet loosing his humanity with every step,
there - 
a frightened child with dark eyes hiding from the sharp sting of thoughtlessness
a small boney white dog homeless, not understanding how gentle hands can be
a stolen life
a fearful task
a lonely death
dantes dart landed upon my heart
and no amount of pink groovy psychedelic sunshine could stop that parade upon the fabric of my soul
so i would kneel upon my pink groovy bedspread in my pink groovy sunshine life
every nite
gazing out & up at the stars wishing for strength
wishing for magic
wishing for enough love to shoulder
dantes dart

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  1. Oh almost missed this one; glad didn't. Such a gift you have!