Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day Sixteen: cloud stations forecast

fisher of riverfields
soft the grasp
play on thunderstorm 
exquiste cooling 
pond blossoms 
to love's fountain conspiracy 
quakes and snow 
grassland wagontrains 
rain falling 
                     ... stealing 
birdsong & cowboys
moonwater's rustle
the sun's 

Almanac Questionnaire
Weather: cloudy, cool, thunderstorms forecast 
Flora: grasslands 
Architecture:  mid-west idyllic 
Customs: cowboy 
Mammals/reptiles/fish:  arid prairie & pond & river varieties 
Childhood dream: stealing a station wagon 
Found on the Street:  blossoms 
Export:  water 
Graffiti:  trains 
Lover: loves 
Conspiracy:  love 
Dress:  soft
Hometown memory:  sunbathing on the river 
Notable person:  him
Outside your window, you find:  rain 
Today’s news headline:  quakes and snow 
Scrap from a letter: an exquisitely damaged man
Animal from a myth: phoenix 
Story read to children at night:  goodnight moon 
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: the song of birds 
You walk to the border and hear: fields rustling 
What you fear:  grasping
Picture on your city’s postcard:  fisher fountain 

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