Tuesday, July 28, 2015

half past fearless

..it will begin today
at four in the morning
on the heels of this full thunder moon ....
in a
softly, sublimely appointed chamber
with 4 walls of padded
pink & orange-paisley-dragon silk
wrapped with ribbons of blue sage
this will bind you both
to this moment
in this moment
you can turn it all around
before it's too late
is it ever too late ?
shove aside pride & ego & your worm-hole of doubt
love has faith & fireworks
smells of
cinnamon vanilla & feels like flannel on
a winter night
before it's too late
promise me you will try & burn the candle bright
clasp hands & jump into the fire
love will heal your wounds, mend those scars & brighten your days ....
youth will linger & stay
here, drink this . paisley-dragon nectar ,,,,,
now ....
hold tight and
make of your love a bowl of sweet-secret cherries
forgive all & remind  ,,,,
you will last.
it is never too late ,,,,


  1. If this is creative, I love it. If this is real and heavy, I love it even more. You're killing me with your vulnerability and you're drugging me with that paisley-dragon nectar. Oh man.

  2. i don't want to kill you Hopie ,,, i rather like you :0)
    and .. thank you.

  3. just wrap me in ribbons of blue sage please, until I disappear...DiAnne

  4. half past fearless...wonderful. Always burn the candle bright.

  5. They actually get even better! :)