Sunday, July 19, 2015

the wait . . .

In the fabric of my bones
lies a light within
trying to get out
always waiting
a structure of stone walls, moss-covered & cool to the touch
linens of pale yellow butter soft
mornings of sweet dew-surrender & gasping grasping pause
nights secret & timed
echo'd sounds
a warrior's embroidered wait
endless waiting
here lie golden wide timbers of a floor weathered & worn shiny-smooth smelling of ale, salt & wind hands moving, open tendered response checkered pulling, pushing . . serving up a dash of welcome & place
i am there
lamps glow & laughter kicks me thru to tomorrow a home of stairs & lace
warm against gales of ice & oil bright with the coming of the green of Beltane
there is a home of stairs, lace & a promise of return the sea is there, but i do not gaze
it is easier to look star-ward knowing is gleaned in brilliant vastness

always turning
always waiting

the log walls of this cabin weathered & worn shiny-smooth a hard ride on the open prairie and
the steady climb to tree line, horses - eager & present--feel their breath - pounding & trusting with palomino intent sage thick, smoke curly-chasing
elk & coyotes howl & dance no open, boiling sea here just a river running thru land
days endless & weary wind chasing sky chasing more time meshed in evergreen presence
a flicker of the something more the peace found in the rolling of clouds across the mountain
indian paintbrush, black-eyed susan & columbine star the trail tucked away from expectation & need brief here . . time is brief but sweetly gingered

tarry here

until another river winds thru the dream mississippi-wide & meadow-larks delight
dresses fitting tight & candy-like
nothing is as it appears--not this landscape steeped in traditions old, pain & division
not this pretense of affection & indecision
i know i see you there amongst the others waiting for me
take away
running, hiding darting the iron skyscape of interiors cloaked in strength & will
crumbled brick fires alight & games are played to the death
questions laid to rest--do not abide within the shadows
that is the question isn't it?
who exactly waits for who?
what we dream is not linear--subject to charms & algorithms
the silver train that speeds thru the skies illuminates the night
passing from one hand to the next to the next, gradual transportive movement
dance & catch & release
quantum traveling . . across the distance
silver opalescent rails worn shiny-smooth
expecting one, but it is the other who waits at the end
silver sleek sleeper-ride

i see the house magnificent mid-century modern with glass, light, air & breath
redwood honed fresh - crisp all light all white sleek, new
trees billowing, shifting just beyond these walls of glass blue-ocean sky domed & perfect
crystal-silver clean smells freesia-white stillness
suddenly glancing down
cracks appear
light escapes
has no one looked here yet?
where is everyone?
below lies
a cavern
a cave
a rabbit hole
a place deep & dark & ancient
stone walls, moss-covered & cool to the touch
linens of pale
yellowed-butter soft surrender



  1. "who exactly waits for who?". wow!


  2. "laughter kicks me thru to tomorrow" Thanks for the beauty.

  3. so many beautiful lines in this stream of consciousness. I am transported.

  4. ". . .gradual transportive movement dance and catch. . ." Or you will ere be left waiting to repeat and repeat. Lorane Leavy. . . .