Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1st

what is relevant ?
... is the creaking sound this old wood floor makes as i walk across it in my stocking feet any less or more relevant than the song of the cardinal outside the bedroom window ?
the curled brown leaf on the porcelain berry vine trembles from lack of relevancy just as the shine of the sun trembles upon the book shelf.
Kipling stands next to Milne which is by St .ExpurĐÉy ; is one better than the other ?
dust settles upon them all .
the dogs sleep in quiet irrelevance to this startling april blue sky and yet, the same april blue sky plays no role in any sorrow or loneliness  found under it's care.
the curly willow is turning green, relevant only to itself , irrelevant to the play of shadows across the yard and the before-mentioned sleeping dogs.
we punch & crawl, pacing ourselves thru the days fighting & striving for relevance.
to be noticed, to be heard, to matter, to be .
yet perhaps it is in the acceptance of insignificance that stillness & grace are revealed
and in letting go, true relevance is at last found.


  1. Indeed...what is relevant...isn't it how we perceive and interpret events? Maybe being open to moments helps us feel something matters. You matter. So does your poetry.

  2. Profound thoughts on perception which has so many moods and colors even in one day.

  3. Enjoyed your post and the images you created. Nice.