Wednesday, April 10, 2013

of a kind

The wounded and the grappling ones
Meet upon fields of scar tissue
Weary & recognizable
Our fractures form equations of perfection
Balanced in Aquarian algorithms
With holes burned in the fabric of our masks . . .
We twitch with a sensitivity to
the sun and the salt
Awareness numbed into compliance & assumption
Collective memories collide & are quieted by
the touch of a hand,
The twinkled depth of eyes sure & fired by
blood & snow
As one, we catch the beat of a thousand spring wings
Turning our truth up to the
blueness and the feathered gray
We catch the scent of earth & passion . . .and
Step closer to the knowing


  1. Wow, Susie, that is really beautiful. I love this post and I love where it takes me. With every line we do step closer to the knowing looking real close at ourselves in the mirror we take in the inside and the outside and we squeeze real tight.

  2. Oooo Hope ...l. thank youz ...

  3. This is just beautiful, profound and somehow, hopeful.

  4. Reading this now it seems somehow prophetic yet still beautiful.

  5. Always great to imbibe your poetry.