Wednesday, April 13, 2011

now 2:17 ...

1:10 AM
quiet here
except for the clock
ticking rather incessantly
but that's the nature of clocks isn't it ?
to tick tick tick .....
regardless of the ratio of quiet stillness to the passing of time
ticking rather incessantly
suddenly i am chilled
i glance outside to the darkness where no clock ticks
but a train whistles & the wind blows
still ...
and I know that it is time for bed
no great poem will be written tonight
no profound thought or game changer
no extraordinary breakthrough
just an ordinary late of night
chilled, quiet & tired
the clock ticks

1 comment:

  1. The dance between sound and silence continues and you paint it so beautifully! I love reading your posts. They usually help me find what it is I want to say (in a round about way).