Wednesday, February 4, 2015

back to bowlegs . . .

the way you come in, is the way you go out
open & shining & riddled with doubt
breathe in the smoke,
wipe the ash from your eyes
you & the dogs
tag along for the ride
trails of wisteria, Seminole pines
mullen & sage, spring grass & rye ....
hurry ... before darkness
hurry ... 'fore rain
circle past the thunder
to draw close again
and ...
build me a blaze
strong as your heart
dance with me around it
long after dark
piss on the fire and 
call in the dogs
head back to Bowlegs
with me in your arms . . .
three quarter moon hangs in the sky
wisdom of fire there in your eyes
as hope lies dashed
there upon stone
stars lift it up
and carry it home
adagio sun swells in the east
the lark will teach us to trust what we speak 
and we never saw 
or will see again
a morning like that
that atones & amends
so ....
build me a blaze
strong as my heart
let's dance around it
long after dark
... bring on the thunder
... bring on the storm
the north star forever lights the way home 
piss on the fire
call in the dogs
and head back to Bowlegs
with me in your arms ......


  1. I agree with Zollies-Spot...Just lovely! I wish you would post this to the Plum Tree Books page. I will see if I can.

  2. love the tale. love the rhythm. it is really special. shared on FB. jk