Wednesday, February 14, 2018

du matin

essentials are stored long before dawn
memories and blankets and porcelain songs
water i know will fall from the sky
apples and whiskey in deep pockets lie
sails of poems rolled up with the scars
bundled--trundled--dotted with stars
my hands clasp the moment
tillered to day
distant shores call
the boat dances away

gray-blue the water slushing and cold
ruby-sunrise the unfurling of paradigms old
sky vast
body knowing
which tack to keep
the deeper
the bolder
the stronger i seek

to know that the curious always wins
to learn the vast secrets buried within
the magic that dwells in the fires of life
what love's tales tell in the clear morning light
just because i'm leaving
doesn't mean i won't come back
just because my heart looks dandy
doesn't mean it isn't cracking
cracks are openings to gems belied
tossed slivers waiting 'neath sliver tides

the day awaits
azure and liberating
this boat my bones
broken and arching
sails my words of fire and ice carving
this life blueness once
awoke to the whole
cast away from your shore
to sail evermore

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