Sunday, December 30, 2018


PAINT me a picture of dragons & orbs
weaved of the blood and the pain we've absorbed
lacquered in memory of fire & air
curled up asleep alone in his liar
persian & azure--scales tarnished by time
smelling of snow & turkish key-lime
i stand at the entrance opal with shine

paint me a picture of loss & regret
the heart of a dragon will never forget
impaled by a brushstroke
twilight crimson-fire smoke
as hearts synch in three-quarter time
this ancient twining answers all rhymes
the cord transforms to silver-quartz-fine

paint me a picture consistent & true
of dragons & hollows & the magic of blue
who sees the dragon
who sees the soul
transparent to all as trust is the toll
redemption is found in fissures of light
there in the twilight, we hold--we fight
to open in wonder & dance with delight

paint me a picture of dragons & orbs
weaved of story
     all light we absorb


  1. A stunning poem. Loved the rhymes and imagery. :)

  2. Michelle. . . thank you so very much :)

  3. Mystical, magical, wonderful... <3...

  4. Dragons and Orbs...
    I once thought they were mutually exclusive
    but now I see you have woven them into a poem that rhymes.
    You are a wonder Soozie...
    A dreamer, a visionary, a wonder!

  5. The heart of a dragon will never forget, not only the sorrow, the radiance too; the heart of the dragon sings softly to you!

  6. Beautiful, Soozie. And very needed right about now.����

    1. Thank you Shawn ,,, Certainly your influence figured greatly here ♥️