Monday, November 22, 2021


what matters 

nothing is real real 

everything a dream dream 

dreams are real 

birds & branches 

wind & water 

this sun 

this age 

a dream that dreams of a bike, a movie theatre, my dad & you 

sometimes it rages 

sometimes it floats 

this sun 

this age 

this moon 

tuck the dream into the branch and await the bird 

-fucking music- 

moments tinged with golden difference 

we were real we were a dream 

sometimes raging 

sometimes floating 

a bike, a movie theatre, my dad & you 

unpack the dream
sort by color 
     the moments
     the age
     the evolution of self 


the sky changes
the dreams come 
the music plays 
not better without you 
just different
 - somehow - 

i am becoming the sun 
the wind 
the water 
the branch 
the bird 
the sky 

write it across the pink morning sky enough times and the story sounds like mine 


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