Thursday, May 3, 2012

Youth Tube at Plum Tree Books BLOG HOP

. . . just a nudge in the direction of The Plum Tree & it's awesome Youth-Tube Channel

… please check it out

along with the following writers, creators & tellers of tales !!!

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Thurs. 3rd - Marta Pelrine-Bacon

Sat. 5th janet Young Beasley

Sun. 6th - - Deb Hockenberry

Mon. 7th - - Niamh Clune

Tues. 8th - - Susie Bertie

Wed. 9th -

Thurs. 10th -

Fri. 11th -

Sat. 12th -

Sun. 13th -

Mon. 14th - - Lorhainne Eckhart (The Choice of Giving)

Tues. 15th - - Elizabeth Cottrell

Wed 16th -

Thurs: 17th: This Kid Reviews Books

Fri 18th -

Sat. 19th -

Sun. 20th -

Mon. 21st -

Tues. 22st -

Wed: 23rd May: Tom Harris

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  1. Thank You Susie for the shout-out. Youth-Tube is accepting children's art submissions throughout the month of May for immediate posting. Anyone can participate in the blog-hop to coincide with this launch. The theme is, 'Self as Child.'