Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Coming of the ....

One hangs around writers, talking dogs, artists, spell-casters & dreamers long enough - magic happens. Sometimes it's merely rounding a corner into a poignant phrase, a story well told. 
Sometimes it shakes us, wakes us, takes us someplace unexpected, rich and transportive. 
This was my experience with Niamh Clune's recently released : 
The Coming of the Feminine Christ. 

I was not expecting such a quest so deep and expansive ....  so personal. 
It seems easy & somewhat simplistic to use the phrases that pop into my head … talking points designed to intrigue & pull - 
wrapped in the mystic of the divine feminine, instinct to nuture, to love & the innate nature of belonging

We write blogs, cross-promote with a deft & subtle touch within the confines of our friend-clusters, from the shores of what speaks to us, moves us ... we cast a line out, hoping someone is listening. 
Well, with Niamh's book, I do indeed hope that someone is listening, waking and paying attention. 
The times they are a'changin'  ….
..... and to be our best selves, to pull from our hearts, to tap our minds ... the tools of the future are in our hands, and Nimah takes us on a journey form Tor to shore as she drops a pebble and follows a trail rich in myth & material …. so we may find our way too, so those of us on this big blue marble might be the best we can be.  

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