Friday, August 3, 2012

Solidarity .

Once Upon a Time, there was a
Lovely Lady of the Thames, Niamh Clune
who manifested a vast & crazy publishing house - Plum Tree Books
It became filled with artists, writers, poets, dreamers & drifters, and the occasional dancing bear.
This international tribe of creatives came together to champion not only one another, but the whole creative process. . . .

The Spring Anthology  , The Butterfly Effect   : AWESOME !!!
Then, there is Youth-Tube … a fresh & unique tool for children & art.
There is a sweet spot for musicbook reviews , and visual arts
I know I'm forgetting something, but you get the idea ….

Along with that creative awareness, also comes an awareness of the Holes.
( this happens intrinsically with creative souls as we look to the World for inspiration & answers )
Holes : the places in our world that need filled with more than just our pretty words.  Places that need our attention and our relief dollars.
Places that need a light shined upon the cracked dry landscape, the famine and dust.
This place, is Sahel Africa.
Now, frank & compassionate discussion about places of need, are not the topics we turn to perhaps during the course of our day … but they need to be.
So we take our pretty words, and turn them to songs of hope, we take our pretty words and create a poem ripe with imagery where the dust sticks to the roof of our mouth.
If we talk of these things now … our children will grow up with an awareness of world & need, our neighbors will see perhaps a place they can help in very real ways.
Our hearts will open & we will come together - Solidarity .
This place is Africa's Sahel ….
We are creating an event

Look inside ….
A Song of Sahel

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… more to follow ….

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  1. Thank You, thank you, thank you, Susie for your dancing bear and your pretty words and your solidarity and your brilliant submission to Song of Sahel...I will share you...spread your compassionate heart and call to arms the exercise of quill.