Friday, August 3, 2012

Solidarity .

Once Upon a Time, there was a
Lovely Lady of the Thames, Niamh Clune
who manifested a vast & crazy publishing house - Plum Tree Books
It became filled with artists, writers, poets, dreamers & drifters, and the occasional dancing bear.
This international tribe of creatives came together to champion not only one another, but the whole creative process. . . .

The Spring Anthology  , The Butterfly Effect   : AWESOME !!!
Then, there is Youth-Tube … a fresh & unique tool for children & art.
There is a sweet spot for musicbook reviews , and visual arts
I know I'm forgetting something, but you get the idea ….

Along with that creative awareness, also comes an awareness of the Holes.
( this happens intrinsically with creative souls as we look to the World for inspiration & answers )
Holes : the places in our world that need filled with more than just our pretty words.  Places that need our attention and our relief dollars.
Places that need a light shined upon the cracked dry landscape, the famine and dust.
This place, is Sahel Africa.
Now, frank & compassionate discussion about places of need, are not the topics we turn to perhaps during the course of our day … but they need to be.
So we take our pretty words, and turn them to songs of hope, we take our pretty words and create a poem ripe with imagery where the dust sticks to the roof of our mouth.
If we talk of these things now … our children will grow up with an awareness of world & need, our neighbors will see perhaps a place they can help in very real ways.
Our hearts will open & we will come together - Solidarity .
This place is Africa's Sahel ….
We are creating an event

Look inside ….
A Song of Sahel

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… more to follow ….