Thursday, August 8, 2013


Brenda was born with a red sparkle heart
speckled fragments of ash in her bone
standing for hours in the shaded grass park
that laid there between our homes

Standing & staring to the prairie-blue sky
skinny arms twirling around ...
'til one day she flew up, in her gingham blue dress
her banjo-brown eyes not once looking down

Some children hear just the birds of the air . .
while others hear the whispers of wind beyond
striving to reach horizons unseen
yearning to break earth's bond

Brenda was slight as summer's green mantis
and nutmeg-brown as milo in fall
thin & transparent, yet so full of stardust
but not able to tell us at all ...

Her secrets she carried like a pocket of berries
with a name that didn't fit on my tongue
plucked they were from some galaxy's shore
with a color that shone like the sun

Brenda was born with a red sparkle heart
speckled atoms of Mars in her heart
flying thru life with an equation of dreams
and a song of rhubarb Mozart


  1. As sweet as any fairy tale and how could one resist a girl with banjo-brown eyes! Loved this Susie!

  2. Wonderful! Imaginative... ethereal!

  3. That is really lovely. I especially like the red sparkles and the ash.

  4. Now this is poetry I could read...again. I love a story. Tales of love, people, animals, relationships and anything worthwhile that will draw me inward.

  5. Your poem has such life to it....Amazing and Bella, sonrisa....

  6. Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed reading this story. If only to be as happy as this. :)

  7. Thank you all so very much for your words …. golly. Thank you ….

  8. Loved it then and now! Amazing poem!