Friday, May 25, 2012


Chutes & ladders of pulsing light
Wrapped in flannel white
Ethereal fragility felt
Impossibly delicate
Mechanics of design sublime & bone-china-fine
In this quantum pocket of night
Cradled & held in soft apricot light
Beyond the scope of this gather
Crawls a maleficent force
Intent on the rip and tear
Baring down with ropes of pearls & baskets of emptiness
And the sharp cut of destruction knocking
at once aware of the
magnetic awakening found in the paper-thin cooing of small things
To feel it all churning, grinding, riddled & intent
As a inky sleekness looms , spreads
To not understand or believe in evil, yet to taste that bitter root
Shielded for a brief spell,
A brief captured spell here in this Oz-curtained human truth
Stay, nestled in this winged sureness
And may this tangerine veil linger forever between

Monday, May 7, 2012

removed to blue 1962

Everyday ....
everyday i would fly to school
everyday i would eat my captain crunch & cinnamon toast
walk out my front door
watching the toes of my saddle shoes, i would walk down
the sidewalk to school
the lines metronoming my stride like
playing cards on my bicycle spokes
walking along
i would be
flying high up .....
everyday i would fly to school and then home again ,,,,
above the sidewalk of my cedarberry street
fall, winter, spring ... grey days or blue
clouds of elephants & rivers of current amuse
effortless glide removed from
the lonely, the ache of the knowing
the wounds of goodbye
the wind never cares if your knee socks stay up
flying ...
until i turned 15 ....
and discovered
skirts and
seals & crofts & boys & kisses
and the cut of the knowing & the bruise of goodbye
i walked to school
everyday ....
but wanted to fly ...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Youth Tube at Plum Tree Books BLOG HOP

. . . just a nudge in the direction of The Plum Tree & it's awesome Youth-Tube Channel

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self as girl . . .

. . . still that girl in school who gets picked last
too tall & too skinny to be good or fast
at anything
listening to led zeppelin & csn&y
too much of a perfectionist to really know why
to swing the bat
to take a shot
to discover a way to untie the indigo knot
deep inside
perfection had to be instant
too blond & too weird
so much fear
knowing i had landed on the wrong planet
cat stevens, heart & james taylor were my companions
all the while peering over the edge of souls canyon
playing at self & attraction
 . . dressing up as a bunny in pink lace & a fuzzy-white earmuff bra
i served kings & polar bears, little joe & yogi bear
i heard the silent desperation of the lost & terrified
wrapping my heart in thorns & glass armor
but it was there on my sleeve for all to see
silent,  everyone assumes apathy
& emptiness
ice coolness
but it is a feeling pounding & profound that trembles the earth  - paralyzing
tapped into something bigger, brighter, grand
is there ever a master plan ?
too much of everything
perfection becomes the mask
the game
it's not about who gets picked at all
but who finally stands alone with 
a pink lace heart & a white earmuff bra