Friday, May 24, 2013

prince dog

there exists my charmed familiar,
a bundle of scuffed & clever atoms
carved from some ancient tale
his short tail
is joy
present in wags & wiggles
this bundle draped in white wired fur
my familiar . . .
he has pulled me from the brink
untied my lashed wrists from train tracks, and unlocked my cage,
nudged from numb & from perilous cliffs
warmth against cool
lassie to timmy
silver to lone ranger
humor disguised as ...well. no.
he doesn't have the bones of subterfuge
he is what he is :
a twelve year old boy-prince, bewitched as a terrier
loving kettle corn, squirrels & sunshine
and me
my familiar ....
this ancient tale, this fairy curse
rests upon a dog with heart