Wednesday, May 1, 2013

head game

there were a lot of people to take in ...
to observe
make up stories about
my dad taught me how to do that - how to watch people - 
imagine their name, start there ....
what line of work are they in, why are they here, what do they love to do,
are they happy ?
it was
the doctor across the aisle
the woman in front of me with the black & white scarf like my mothers
the doctor was restless, running his hands thru his thick gray hair repeatedly
large hands, capable & skilled .... his legs never quit moving, thrumming, tapping to some interior melody that made it almost possible for him to listen
the woman was invited to attend, but hadn't a clue as to what this event was, 
she was lonely and unsure of her place in the world, 
but resolved & stubborn, she would have a good goddamn time if it killed her. 
she was a professional bowler.
his name was Theo, hers was Alice.
the two would meet later over Riesling & rice crackers, and find out they shared a love of Portuguese and New Orleans.
They were both named after poets

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