Thursday, January 2, 2014

day to night

preference to dust & the carnival masks ….
the tatters of summer & billows to mast
mercurial children of moon & chiron
indigo magic kneeling at dawn

smelling of fire & sex at high-noon
we search for trails to our velvet brigadoon
uncovering silver & sorrow in sand
only to find it there in your hand

a hand that is slender & wisdom weld
a hand willing to serve others well
a hand recalled in the darkest of dreams
a hand parting the veil, piercing the gleam

so we find that path outlining the tender
Psyche & Eros collide in surrender
reality limits only the day
by night we soar hand in hand in the fray . . .

preference to dust & the carnival masks
the snow of winter & hearts of glass
the seven of cups thrown at the door
moonlight-imbuing of love evermore

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