Saturday, March 19, 2016

remember that time at the river

wake at the first crack of sun
call the crows and cranes
sip the whiskey and
pour the earl gray as
paint my body with your words
balm comes to those who chase the line
the thunder and the rain
damn these feathers and wind
damn the morning light
lifting me away

contentment tucked against cerulean slumber
dreams and dancing to the scent
of bonfires and love
piercing sweet temperance hollowed
as this storm reaches the river just as cranes
land to water and grassland wine
innocence disguised as complacency
in a rising time, waking line
separations torment
come back thru lightening
clouds black rolling east
lifting me away

wake at the first crack of sun
calling to cranes and crows
of a morning parting
from the slumbered
of you ....
lift me away

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