Sunday, February 12, 2017

a crocus emerges

somewhere along the lines
between today and 2009
you got the best of me
might have gone to others with a thicker ribbon tied
against the shore of sinew & sorrow
and yes, it goes back further than that
back to when moonlit & grass fell upon my back
time paused in that collide
trembled wonder imprinted
imprinted there ... stop. there.
reflection holds no prize
one love escapes the price
remained half-human
but instead became immortal under your wings
feathered with the antiquity of amber
even gossamer lingers sometimes
you got the best of me
between whispered goodbyes
teasing entreaties & lullabies
imprinted there.
i thought you got the best of me
the best of me

i am the sun as it moves across the blue-green jacquard
i am the smell of ground waking
sorrow quaking
its trembled spectrum shimmers
beneath my aging scars--faded to pearls
under this Aquarius sun
a crocus comes ...

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