Sunday, April 3, 2011

twilight repair

carnival cowboys shadowed against the orange wall
striding in worth & draped in blemished rye
with your honey-blood tattoo ....
toss me up and hold me there
reluctant to share the indigo blue of night
stubborn in intellect & aquavit
break out and see the blue as blue
the night as night
not this oppressive tangent to the consumptive pressure of
weight & bed-bugged-ego
turn down the lights, turn down the sheets
play jazz at 8 o'clock while consulting twister, tarot & ouiji boards
coolness is leaked from your seams
in mercury & turquoise
repaired with a cord woven of regret & heartache
now ....
sing to me with the smell of barley & indigo rising
sing to me with textures of whiskey-pebbled rivers & fallow fields
sing to me of self, risk, love & healing
this faltered self into gamma-compressed-tangerine-twilight
swing your partner &
ride the dusty carousel pony
oh carnival cowboy ...
yippee ki-yay  !!
brilliantly worthy of the stride & toss
the stride & toss of this amber-resined moment , , ,

1 comment:

  1. Great day to catch up on my reading when you've got gems and red wine waiting for me! I love this amber-resined moment so much I can feel it.