Wednesday, March 30, 2011

calling . . .

air smells of blue
and spruce
mountain laurel
wild iris
fire & marshmallows
heaviness lingers in bone
removed from the sensual
embraced by the falling
fire dances beyond the woods
hearts lift together
walking walking walking
pixie-dust-path of love & light
wanting float
laughter sparkles
hands touch
and hold
arms encircle
carried in
smells of smoke ... peace
mushrooms shine
the cord attaches &
fire dances
transforms & bends
here - something silky, sideways & raw
steeped in time & forest strength
under the weight of this night
still ...
earth dancing under batik stars
dark moist soil whispering
it's open secrets
revealed in tableau's of pulse & beat
enchantment here . .
follow the trail of sweat, need & redemption
to sleep

you will find your way home , , ,

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