Tuesday, October 9, 2012

bond & galore

Candy-light dappled memory . . . sunshine day of early fall,
Summer echoes as a secret carried in a blue backpack
Waiting in the hallway
Playful - easy
Colors danced as providence pulled along
No spy-games today . . determined goal set
Suddenly stretched & waiting in someone else's rumpled space
I have always possessed a fondness for texture, corvids, corvairs, snow, rain fragile things, the smell of summer grass and your birthmark
A map to home, my compass . . . found
Stretched & waiting with studied diligence & mirth
To be noticed & touched in the sieved air of an afternoon
Something smells of dust motes & oranges
Reverence beckons . .
Walls fade . .  sound & light fractured ... dappled still against the awakening
An ease of intimacy is discovered . . . and the strange tempered blend of
Pressing weight & surrender
Pleasure & pain . . lying alongside your length was a lock into the flecked space of
Something exquisite & unfinished
Fireworks & forgiveness selected,  and set aside for a distant hanging moment
No struggle with definition & words, as if we just knew
Unlocking the birthmark that points North
Recognizing secrets can be shadowed & cut with a sharpness divine
Tapped in and set afire
I stole a shower to study the abstract release of red ribbons watercoloring down my thigh
And felt hollowed - as if a part of me had been pulled out
Filled now with the dappled
Candy sunlight of that vermillion moment ....

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  1. "Filled now with the dappled
    Candy sunlight of that vermillion moment ...."

    I couldn't help myself...just had to repeat it! :)