Wednesday, October 3, 2012

thistled dream

Gentle-man's Choice ...
Take me to a movie and let's put m&m's in the popcorn
I will unzip you
Nesting my hand there along you
Sacred asanyukta - I will
Seamlessly take you to the sandstone edge and
We will jump into woodycreek canyon ... together
Let me lean into you at the river
Water, wildlife, wheat & weeds
Syncopated & dancing
Setting a thistled rhythm of deepness & need
Wet open wondering ....
I will wear black stockings, leopard print heels & a little black dress
You are in Armani : slacks, white pressed shirt, oxfords .
And we will eat tender & rich & divine
Escargot, black mussels in thyme, garlic & Guinness
Pinot Grigio
Full, yet hungry of that place only we travel
Pink cotton-candy mouthed surrender
Taunt, tight . . yielding.
This End Up ... Mr. Darcy at the door
" If lost return me to . . . "
It .
Paint my vanilla-orchid-rising in deep indigo, heliotrope & pale blush
That's right . .#23 kolinsky red sable
Bracken paints Rebecca
By hand . . .and tongue
In dreams
Your hand fits mine as we walk, 
the people-light of places old & forgotten
Stories unfold with questions asked & topaz smiles
Cool of red brick & warm of marble yellow tells tales old & laced-amber
In New Orleans, I will hold you captive
Feasting on filet mignon, strawberries & creme brûlée .....
found in the 
Do not wake me come morning as this dream is far too sweet and
We will adventure deep into the French Quarter to find an elevator
kiss me . . . french blue

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