Tuesday, October 30, 2012


the cape marmalade with lightning feathers
held fast to allow the ride
sweeping the crest of constellations
arms stretched strong & made to guide

wind lifts to rage and power
wind lifts to shift the tide
wind lifts to hold the sorrowful
wind lifts with hope inside

a cape to shelter the homeless
arms sure to hold the lost
heart bends the will of thunder
as soul tenders a storms cost

wind stills to land and linger
wind stills upon the sea
wind stills to hope the hopeless
wind carries the still to me . . .

a cape to warm the travel
a force to lift a tale
a story born of nature
a wish for mercies unveil


  1. I love this poem. Full of weather! Full of compassion and...just full wind stills to hope the hopeless...is wonderful. What a great idea here.

  2. oh deepest thanks Niamh ... <3