Friday, November 30, 2012

for the water . . .

these words have steeped for a while now . .
in this vessel of November sky & the golden light of plowed fields . .
you are Water Turquoise-Cinque-Terre-Blue :
soothing, enveloping & sure
with the crystalline smell of first snow - icy & apple-crisp
spiced with a lavender borealis & ginger zest
you allow the float, the surrender, the paintbox to swoop in & rise to song
present in love, forgiveness & laughter . . .
you ride between wonder & sage-ness
taking prisoners wildly delightful in their felted chains
with a hand of grace & skill
mischievous . . you lure your sailors with Guinness Cake & a canvas of surprise
crafting connection with brush strokes of vibrant color-wheel possibility
holding us all closer to the light
shining & floating. . .
Water Turquoise-Cinque-Terre-Blue


  1. LOVELY! And the painting is beautiful as well. The water, beautiful, yet dangerous. Beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful poem Susie. And I wonder who did that exquisite art?

  3. Thanks Niamh ,,, and i have no idea who created that beautiful work, and hence shouldn't even use . that work has been in my photo cache for years following a friends trip to Italy ….