Thursday, November 17, 2016

when the moon opposes venus in capricorn

somewhere south of here, i became meadowlark'd
solitary sentinel perched on dawn's break
green grass, milo, cornsilk call
vastness unfolding
fog fills the frame tight
yellow-gray worshipper of sun's might
feathered flight

somewhere east of here, i became your lover
tempered by time's cloud ponies
stars and blue snow line our scars
purple the bruise--fragile the thread
cradling regret to the end of the line
rising electric to field thyme
we harvest the cost--we weigh the crime

somewhere west of here, i became water
polished aqua-sea-glass smooth
smelling of pearls, dust and salt
tethered to the wind
upon tides high crest i climb
finding my way by polaris' shine
landing upon winter's shore intact and divine

somewhere north of here, i am me
of meadowlark feathered bravery
of love--replete with cracks of pocked light gleaming
of water opalescent mercury seeming
to journey the bridled heart thru trails hardness
breadcrumbed by darkness
Ah, what bliss this sharpness!

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