Wednesday, November 21, 2018

patchouli room

laying in wait
for the potion to take 
a light tender hold of your heart 
at six thousand feet 
the atmosphere's weak 
and the lover abandons his part  
this grey morning gloom 
all the pain in this room 
this high country fragile fresh start 

patchouli room 
ghosts autumn tomb 
the fire fails to spark
love, please come to bed 
get naked instead
of eviscerating our fractured cold stars 
masks are just futile 
surrender is beautiful 
this room will treasure our scars 

what should have been ours 
dissolved to salt stars 
no embers spark to fire
on tongues sharp with dust
our demons breathe rust
expectations brier
thru iced windows glaze
deer come out to graze 
we surrender our bricked-up desire 

patchouli room 
'neath silvered frost moon
trust tumbles & falls to bed 
fear slips to the side 
solace abides
the potion was ours for the taking

golden day dawns
intimacy bonds
pine wraps around crisp bones
stolen locket of time
partings solitary rhymes
with words 
... the spell is breaking

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