Monday, April 11, 2022

love in the tall grass

Nebraska skies are cloudy 

with weather on the way 

you call and wonder if i heard that song 

though three years have passed away

(though actually four)

four years 

but three feels saner somehow 

and i answer as if it was just this morning 


some fancy elevator 

you called to say you loved me more 

     and the room gets draped in shadows prism'd grey 

just as the day's dandelion sun hides away 

at only four 

sitting on the dining room floor 



blood singing against bones too fragile for May 

silence is sex & water 

lifting to sorrow's fields golden and

wishing wishing 

for more of the things not asked for 

love is found in the corners & the contrast 

of rosemary and leather-honeyed tongues 

have i heard that song? 

of course i have 

on a concrete loop amidst the blue of my days 

he tells me all the things i want to hear from lips 

things whispered over lines & skin 

thru dreams dark with dust & power 

he says the lines of every song 

though it's four not three 

there's some fragment of memory 

lodged in the feathers of this spring 

holding a foolish cloudy wonder 

     with weather on the way 

rain always brings you home 

and i'll answer the door 

like it's three not four 

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