Monday, April 4, 2022

to wake

 "Bones"  by Mary Oliver

......."our part is not knowing

but looking, and touching, and loving

which is the way I walked on,

softly, through the pale-pink morning light."

to wake   , , , 

To wake each morning 

in darkness unsure 

replete with dreams 

and starlight 

rising and walking and waking 

touching upon tender pink hope 

that lies in the day's early hours 

we wish, we reach and strive 

to embrace whatever lies beyond the rising 

....our part is not knowing 

step by step by waking step 

a certain weariness settles 

as the sun rises on in shadows & light 

...and birds 

bring sweet melody upon a breeze

spring promised 

by sprouts of purple hyacinth and 

daffodils butter yellow brilliance 

our place, our breath, our being, nothing more  

but looking, and touching, and loving 

come day ~ 

bring on your color erudite & everlasting 

there the dogwood's red buds come on so delicately 

as a thousand crocus endeavor 

to find the clever sun 

gently I step between the mounds of life & loam 

gently as the clouds drift casually against the blue 

everything a whispered promise of warmer days 

gently, gently ... 

which is the way I walked on 

walked on through the subtle morning light 

reflection coming on through window glass 

walked on to early morning coffee 

dawn's reminder of evermore 

day's hours clocking past 

walked to pass out to bird's gathering  

resilient to april wind 

remarkably courageous new day 

coming on 

softly,  through the pale-pink morning light 

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