Monday, April 4, 2022

NaPOWriMo Poetry Writing Prompt Day Four

 1. Find yourself in youth driving along a backcountry road in Colorado 

2. Think twice before taking the right hand turn 

3. Think again 

4.Turn backwards in the passenger seat to alter our view 

5.  Roll down the window 

6. Smell deeply 

7. Laugh at his joke 

8. Suddenly hear the bluejay singing just there by the river 

9. Notice the deer swimming upstream in same river 

10. Smell more 

11. Turn back around to sit in the seat the typical way 

12. Take a nap as he takes you higher 

13. Wake two hours later 

14. Open the door 

15. Find the poem there at the base of the second aspen tree next to the big pink rock 

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