Thursday, April 14, 2022

coming back

An ever widening aperture 

paintbox of color trying to burst the black & white  

suddenly the field beyond awash in golden-grey 


prairie state 

this simple street 

in a simple town 


sun at a quarter to a late afternoon 

summer blue explodes across the sky  

clouds gathering 

field lays dry 

a simple white house comes into hazy view 

a driveway 


a man dressed for town in suit & tie 

a beautiful woman dark-haired & tanned 

baby pink-cheeked & lace

     as a pony goes galloping by

a palomino no saddle or reins 

running East 

towards the forecasted rain 

the camera stays with the babe 

     as she's placed in her crib 

but we see her kaleidoscope mind searching for the horse 

she knows he's not far 

as he followed her here from beyond this place 

somewhere distant 

some different place 

a companion of sorts--a seeker of spirit of bone 

a teller of tales of the vast unknown 

we see the pale horse 

     turning back to the West 

we see the babe sleeping--dreaming 

as clouds darkly thicken 

a thunderstorm boldly bursts over the simple street and dry fields

as the horse comes to stand before the simple white house 


knowing the baby slumbers 

with rain & love prevailing 

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