Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 25: at the edge of the hole

"nothing between me and the white fire of stars"
from this height--this day's debris field
thick as marrow lies
exposed from shovel's bite
this refracted light
of Mercury and Mars

better to acknowledge the hole
the narrow line between darkness
and sighs
stars align with bone cold North
to wrap intention's truth
in love's velvet toll

heavy the verdant weight and shadow
knowing the tale's end of things
without the lace-crown prize
rest here well you noble thieves!
rest here amoungst Spring's glory
all bound in honeysuckl'd willow

of what and who is mine and ours:
this place where i sit
molded, formed of red clay--sighs
resolved, resolute and wise
stars at play in catch/release
this fairy tale spun and told
nothing between me and the white fire of stars

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