Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day Twenty-Eight: tamed

to call no more
nor say my name
at river's shore
to fold moon's flame
as a blanket for our heads
untangle darkness' thread
pierce the finger
your effort vain
i'm sorry
the goldfinch sings
to be the one who wears your ring
keeping love quiet--tart
love falls apart
while all the time
who holds your heart?
so be the one
my soul--it searches for balm's claim
bones ache with grace and pain
wings tire of this tattered life
wings itch for full flight
and i carried on
learned my part
from dusk to dawn
do you ever think you are enough?
do you ever bend or give enough?
without a fuss
than what you could be
asked for no more
painted the walls
hollowed the core
i smoothed the edges
devoid of touch and the girl i knew
i built myself anew for you
no laughter weighing down hearts try
no lie
no form
no circus tents
no fortunes told
tightrope's torment
no ebullient dancing ponies here
just fear
removed all trace of love's combat
trimmed the fat
cut my hair
dipped in remonstration
sugar-rimmed intoxication
the cost of you

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