Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day Twelve: Index of Ten O'Clock Morning; Sunny & Indulgent (an index poem)

Abstract, more aligned to reality than we understand or will admit may be thoughts
Apples, while walking through the forest we came upon a meadow of watercolor 

Blankets, she beckoned across the vast field of zinnias and forgotten 

Cadence, when writing you I fall into silent 
C-words, finding such tactile and implicit innuendo in every 

Decidedly, how can one take a flight of stone steps to the unknown so 

Ephemeral, the times between our interactions are long but seem 
Eros, of stars and light rise 

Flight, transfixed upon the rock he stood staring at the pelicans ready to take 

Gambol, watching the two 

Hidden, nothing is as sacred as that which is for the moment 
Hijacked, someone pulled up the circus tent--high wires and crows

Iridescent, and, their bodies lay in a spot of sunlight 

Jambalaya, childhood rests brewed and bothered until it boils up 

Keep, a, silently and sacredly we seal up our dreams as though locked within 

Lips, tongues dance within our 

Mystery, we soar as others fail to fly remains a dark

Nonsense, of cupcake rabbit holes these words morph to 

Opossums, she holds a remarkable fondness for 

Pearl, every human form becomes upon this blue rock a fierce but fragile 

Queer, pressing my body against your wall naked and intent feels suddenly 

Root, where home no longer serves as our 

Sacred, licorice and peppermint tea served alongside double-stuffed oreos becomes 
Scarlet, dreams exist against the fibers of the ordinary moments painted 

Texture, smooth to rough shines 

Uncovered, sunlight catches us 

Violet, transcendent and together we are 

Wildly, thunderstorms nourish the longing tempered
Wings, improbable construction these things of feathered 

Xyris difformis, yellowed-eyed grass found on bogs and pond shores is 

Yesterday, of such intangible forgotten hours waits

Zinnias, with proper care magnificently bright will grow the western sunflowes 

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