Wednesday, November 21, 2018


you tease me with need, apples & emptiness
struggling to hardwire
lounging there in yellow silk boxers 
against your father's blueprint 
aging with remorse 
without awareness

i hate football

and struggle to understand my own fragility

what is it that binds & stretches to accommodate our twisted, wounded selves
acceptance comes with a cost; 
a kiss tasting of popcorn & fresh red peppers
a blizzard whorls beyond our walls 
and if you would open just long enough
into blue eyes 14 thousand feet deep
and rich with wisdom & words and muscles hard
our bones are old and speak of chasms of mirth & merit
replete with lovers, summers & wine 

why the goodbye
why walls of blue-glass brick
only to find the hole again 

altars of divine care & memory to what was & what could be 
sparked by flannel warmth & distance spanned by


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