Wednesday, April 17, 2013


who are you
to erase all lines of definition, presence & form ?
how dare you !
is this working ?
is it easy ?
there is no sign here ...
no trace
invisibility is your camouflage
no bread crumb trail thru the woods
no cosmic footprint in the ether
no blue-ribboned bows upon branches marking the trail
no movement thru the world
merely the memory-foam-imprint lingering on skin
the haunting there within my limbic system
the pulse & heat that lies within my marrow
is this a move of strength or fear ?
if you resided in the fullness of will & love
would you circle the wagons so tightly . . .
wouldn't you crave the space between for the light & love to pour out ?
i do
wouldn't you be boldly eager to ride out
wrapped in the courage & fierce righteousness of your path ?
i am boldly eager . . .
while in your ancient-retreat i smell regret & weakness
limited bravado,  fear of discovery
and an echo of the sureness ...


  1. Your work is gorgeous!

  2. You work and site are lovely. I enjoy your stream of consciousness prose!

  3. OOOhh honeyhaiku !!! thank you kindly :)