Saturday, October 13, 2012


somewhere between the risk & the rain
traveling down
palomino highways
replete with tambourines
and a woolen blanket of red
fueled by awareness, apples & antares
the milky way illuminates the night
drowning out the buzz of tilting plants & thunder
burned out & left in a million shallow graves
Nuggets of dreams & leanings dot the blurred space between
Marked by harvested fields, deer crossings & pinwheels
Flying along on the ghost horse
Flying .....
As the rain comes down harder making choice immediate
Serenity fleeting as a glimpsed electric golden portal flashes
Defined & aligned with intent
Purpose is murky & the way is overgrown with reeds of rust & linen
A mordant algorithm of aqua-depth & stars
Purpose exists to be found or it is just a buckled paisley regret
The ride is relentless & the scope of beauty & possibility endless
Time is on my side
As I wrap the blanket & the milky way around me
To wait out the rain

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