Tuesday, April 17, 2012

love .... just

that place, that space between
smelled of star-burst lilies & madagascar vanilla
air heavy
heavy with promise, rain & chance
my tall haight-asbury boots you hate heavy with the red mud
of this iridescent pursuit
sun-laden & verdant fronds brush against my freckled skin
waking me
waking me every few steps to your green-electric pulse of
need & indecision
sticky & pressing
despite my baggy jungle clothes
earth scatters about me in
pink silver phosphorescence
i wrestle with the this tattered, aging ghost of you
arguing of crystal walls, politics & desire
darkly sentient as we traverse this illusive moment of truth
narrow & biting & wonderful
why didn't you tell me it would be like this ?
why can't i find my way back to the before ?
is there not some hansel & gretel trail of if-crumbs i can follow ?
my heart beats ...
open & biting & wonderful
my pace slows
to accommodate your grace & reluctance
to become whole
 .... or not.
the path remains the same
i remain strongly anchored to the between
& this viridian chaos....

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