Sunday, April 1, 2012


Cinderella is in the hen house ....
blackbirds swarm against her bones
larking vows of Spring surrender
as she lifts her feathered stone

Sleeping Beauty looks for answers
underneath the kitchen stairs
but finds them laced in corsets, sorrow
and forgotten underwear

Dust-motes swirl in chaos
blending lines and heathered walls
forgiveness drips from ceilings
into paper-dragon waterfalls

The willowed dress tears once upon the wire
soaring & escaping into the verdant wild
she searchs for the flint
to set ablaze her shadow-inner-child

Torn weathered lace of risk & regret
unfolds the wonder inside
paint your world in gypsy oil
and await the rising aqua tide

Cinderella steals the secrets
Beauty whispers to the stars
pocketing rags & wishes
transforming razored bars.

Fly over the blackbird edge
all you children of the shine . . .
find the green landscape of hope
unlock the something fine

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