Monday, April 9, 2012

Aurelia's Girl #9

bend and press
bend and press
encased acquiescence ....
perceptible perception
bell-jarred against the chaos
cold cup an empty witness there to
a kneeled decision
of my linen blue sorrow
corners echo shadowed cold
placed & sealed
ice storms beat in my blood to cries uncertain
smallest . . .
as my mortal incandescence struggles for line bold & black
the smell of mint lingers here ...
bend and press
bend and press
these fragile pages of yellow marrow parchment
words sardined into my heart,
hand-stitched of yeast and dust
ash lips denying the rift
remove the color, the harping sharpness from my sight ...
remove the fandango'd crimson intimacy
to quiet I long ....
bend and
lean in .

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